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Your Ultimate Guide to Job Agencies in Victorville, CA

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Your Ultimate Guide to Job Agencies in Victorville, CA

Employment Opportunities in Victorville

Job agencies in Victorville are your go-to resources for finding work in this bustling High Desert city. Here are the top answers immediately:

  1. ICR Staffing Services
    15316 Dos Palmas Road, Victorville, CA 92392
    Phone: 760.245.8384 | Email: [email protected]

  2. Labor Finders
    12611 Hesperia Road, Suite B, Victorville, CA 92395
    Phone: 760-951-7800 | Email: [email protected]

Victorville is a vibrant place with a diverse job market. Whether you’re seeking temporary work or a more permanent career, employment agencies here are equipped to connect you with the right opportunities. With the city’s variety of businesses, from retail and healthcare to manufacturing and logistics, these agencies play a crucial role in matching talent with demand.

Ryan McEachron, your guide through this article, is the CEO of ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency and a long-time resident of the High Desert. With extensive involvement in community organizations and experience on the Victorville City Council, Ryan brings invaluable insight into the local job market.

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Understanding the Job Market in Victorville

Victorville’s job market is diverse, offering a range of opportunities across several key sectors. Understanding these sectors can help you navigate your job search more effectively. Let’s break down the primary industries:

Retail Trade

Retail is a significant part of Victorville’s economy. The city boasts a variety of shopping centers, including the Mall of Victor Valley, which is home to numerous stores and restaurants. Job seekers can find opportunities ranging from sales associates to managerial positions.

Fact: Retail jobs often provide flexible hours, making them ideal for students or those seeking part-time work.

Health Care

Healthcare is another critical sector in Victorville. The city is served by several hospitals and clinics, including Desert Valley Hospital. This sector offers a wide range of job opportunities, from administrative roles to specialized medical positions.

Statistic: Healthcare jobs are among the fastest-growing in Victorville, reflecting the broader national trend.


Victorville’s strategic location along major highways makes it a hub for transportation and logistics. Companies like Frito-Lay and Tesla have significant operations in the area, providing numerous job opportunities in driving, logistics, and warehouse management.

Quote: “Working in transportation in Victorville means being part of a vital link in the supply chain,” says a local logistics manager.


Warehousing is closely linked to the transportation sector and is a significant employer in Victorville. The city’s warehouses handle everything from consumer goods to industrial supplies. Jobs in this sector range from entry-level positions to supervisory roles.

Case Study: A local job seeker found permanent employment after starting with a temporary job at a warehouse, highlighting the potential for career growth in this sector.

By understanding these key sectors, you can better target your job search and find opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Next, we’ll explore the key players in Victorville’s employment scene, including the top job agencies that can help you land your next role.

Key Players in Victorville’s Employment Scene

When it comes to job agencies in Victorville, a few key players stand out for their excellent service and track record in connecting job seekers with employers. Let’s dive into some of the most prominent agencies in the area: ICR Staffing Services, Labor Finders, and Career Strategies.

ICR Staffing Services

ICR Staffing Services - job agencies in victorville

ICR Staffing Services has been a cornerstone of Victorville’s employment scene for over 30 years. Known for their personalized approach, ICR specializes in matching talent to opportunities, whether you’re looking for temporary work or a direct-hire position.

What They Offer:
Temporary Employment: Ideal for those needing flexible work hours or looking to gain experience in different fields.
Direct Hire: For job seekers aiming for permanent positions.
HR Consulting: Businesses can benefit from their comprehensive HR solutions, including risk management and safety services.

Success Story: One job seeker, who had been searching for two years, finally found a job through ICR. They praised the staff for being helpful and kind, making the job search process easier and more efficient.

Labor Finders

Labor Finders - job agencies in victorville

Labor Finders has been a leader in blue-collar staffing for over 40 years. With nearly 200 offices nationwide, their Victorville branch is well-equipped to handle a variety of staffing needs.

What They Offer:
Day Labor: Perfect for those looking for short-term work to gain immediate income.
Temporary and Temp-to-Hire: These positions can often lead to permanent employment.
Direct Hire: For those ready for a long-term commitment.

Case Study: In Victorville, a job seeker started with a temporary warehouse job through Labor Finders and eventually secured a permanent position. This highlights the potential for career growth and stability.

Career Strategies

Career Strategies - job agencies in victorville

Career Strategies is another major player in the Victorville job market. They focus on providing staffing solutions across various industries, including administrative, finance, and healthcare.

What They Offer:
Temporary Staffing: Helps job seekers gain experience and explore different career paths.
Permanent Placement: Matches candidates with long-term job opportunities.
Industry-Specific Services: Tailored staffing solutions for specialized fields like healthcare and finance.

Quote: “Career Strategies helped me find a job that perfectly matched my skills and career goals. Their team was incredibly supportive throughout the process,” said one satisfied job seeker.

By understanding the key players in Victorville’s employment scene, you can better navigate your job search and find the agency that best fits your needs. Next, we’ll discuss how to choose the right job agency for you.

How to Choose the Right Job Agency in Victorville

Choosing the right job agency in Victorville can make a big difference in your job search. Here are some key factors to consider:


Different agencies offer different services. Here are some common ones:

  • Temporary Staffing: Ideal for short-term work or seasonal jobs.
  • Direct Hire: For those looking for permanent positions.
  • HR Consulting: Helps businesses with human resources needs.
  • Risk Management: Services to manage workplace safety and compliance.

For example, ICR Staffing Services provides a range of options from temporary employees to direct-hire candidates, making it easier to match talent with opportunity.


Some agencies specialize in certain industries. Knowing what each agency focuses on can help you find a job that suits your skills.

  • ICR Staffing Services: Known for their work in manufacturing and logistics.
  • Labor Finders: Specializes in blue-collar jobs like construction and waste management.

Understanding an agency’s specialty can help you target your job search more effectively.


Checking reviews can give you an idea of what to expect. Happy clients often leave positive feedback, which can be a good indicator of an agency’s reliability.

Example Reviews:

  • “Worked for this temp agency for almost a year now and they have always kept my best interest and were extremely helpful,” said one ICR Staffing Services client.
  • “These guys are awesome. Went in, got a call the next day for work,” another satisfied person mentioned about Labor Finders.


When choosing a job agency in Victorville, look at the services they offer, their specialties, and what past clients say. Doing this can help you find the right job faster and with less stress.

Next, we’ll explore the various services offered by job agencies in Victorville.

Services Offered by Job Agencies in Victorville

Job agencies in Victorville offer a range of services to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers. Here’s a breakdown of the key services you can expect:

Temporary Employment

Temporary jobs are a major service provided by job agencies. These positions can last from a few days to several months. Temporary work is ideal for:

  • Seasonal employment: Retail jobs during holidays or agricultural work during harvest seasons.
  • Project-based roles: Jobs that require extra hands for specific projects.
  • Filling gaps: Covering for employees on leave.

Many people find temporary work through agencies like ICR Staffing Services and Labor Finders, which often leads to permanent positions.

Direct Hire

Direct hire services are for companies looking to fill permanent roles. Agencies handle the recruitment process from start to finish, including:

  • Job postings: Crafting and placing ads to attract candidates.
  • Screening: Reviewing resumes and conducting initial interviews.
  • Selection: Presenting the best candidates to the employer.

This service is valuable for both job seekers looking for long-term employment and businesses aiming to find the right fit quickly.

HR Consulting

Human Resources (HR) consulting services help businesses manage their workforce effectively. Services include:

  • Employee training: Developing programs to train new hires and upskill current employees.
  • Policy development: Creating and updating employee handbooks and company policies.
  • Compliance: Ensuring the business adheres to labor laws and regulations.

Agencies like ICR Staffing Services provide customized HR solutions to help businesses streamline their processes.

Risk Management

Risk management services are crucial for businesses to minimize potential losses and ensure a safe working environment. These services include:

  • Safety training: Educating employees on best practices to avoid workplace accidents.
  • Risk assessments: Identifying and mitigating potential hazards in the workplace.
  • Insurance guidance: Helping businesses choose the right insurance policies to cover various risks.

Effective risk management can save businesses significant costs associated with workplace injuries and accidents.

By offering these comprehensive services, job agencies in Victorville play a crucial role in connecting talent with opportunities and helping businesses thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Job Agencies in Victorville

What companies are in Victorville, CA?

Victorville is home to several big-name companies. Some of the major employers include:

  • Frito-Lay: Known for its snack foods, this company offers numerous job opportunities in manufacturing and logistics.
  • Tesla: This innovative car manufacturer has operations that require skilled workers in various fields.
  • Sherwin-Williams: A giant in the paint and coatings industry, providing jobs in production and distribution.
  • GE: General Electric has a presence in the area, offering roles in engineering, manufacturing, and more.

How do I join an agency?

Joining a job agency in Victorville is straightforward. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Prepare Your CV: Make sure your CV is up-to-date and highlights your skills and experiences relevant to the jobs you are seeking.
  2. Write a Cover Letter: Tailor your cover letter to the job you are applying for, explaining why you are a good fit.
  3. Apply Online or In-Person: Many agencies allow you to apply directly through their website. You can also visit their office to apply in person.
  4. Interview Advice: Agencies often provide interview tips and preparation sessions to help you succeed in your job search.

Does ICR drug test?

Yes, ICR Staffing Services conducts drug tests as part of their hiring process. This ensures that candidates meet the necessary requirements for various job placements. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Testing: Drug tests are typically performed before finalizing your job placement.
  • Skills & Competency: ICR may also assess your skills and competencies to match you with the right job.
  • Drug Test: Be prepared to undergo a drug test, which is a standard part of their hiring protocol.

By understanding these aspects, you can better navigate the job market and increase your chances of securing a position through a job agency in Victorville.


Navigating the job market in Victorville can be challenging, but with the right support, you can find the perfect opportunity. Job agencies like ICR Staffing Services and Labor Finders are dedicated to connecting talent with the right employers. They offer a range of services from temporary placements to direct hires, HR consulting, and risk management.

ISU Armac is committed to supporting the Victorville community by providing tailored insurance solutions. Whether you need auto, home, or business insurance, we offer personalized plans to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring you get the best coverage at competitive rates.

If you’re looking to safeguard your future while pursuing new employment opportunities, contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive insurance services. Together, we can help you achieve your career and personal goals.

By understanding these aspects, you can better navigate the job market and increase your chances of securing a position through a job agency in Victorville.