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Individual Short Term Disability

Individual Short Term Disability

Being injured and disabled already hurts physically – why let it hurt you financially, too?

Let’s face it: The unexpected spares no one. Not one person is invincible, on or off the job. In the event that you are injured off the job and cannot work for an extended period of time, how do you expect to earn income? If your employer does NOT provide short term disability coverage to its employees, you may need to acquire your own individual short term disability insurance. Fortunately, our agency can help.

Why should I purchase individual short term disability insurance?

If your employer does not offer disability, it is important to take matters into your own hands. Having short term disability insurance in place will make sure you are still being paid, while you take the time to recover at home. This type of coverage will pay a percentage of your salary.

If the idea of short term disability is not clear to you, do not worry. Our agents will take the time to break down and explain this coverage in simple terms. It is our goal to keep you “in the know” about the policies that you purchase.

ISU – Armac has individual insurance solutions for all of California.

At ISU – Armac, we are dedicated to making sure each and every individual in the state of California is properly covered – especially in terms of disability coverage. We offer a number of individual policies, including short term disability. Your employer may not have you covered, but we sure will! And our affiliation with ISU enables us to search more carriers to find better coverage at affordable prices.