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Individual Dental

Individual Dental

Isn’t your smile worth insuring?

If you are not receiving a specific type of health insurance from your employer, it is your responsibility to purchase a reliable individual plan. Fortunately at ISU – Armac, we can have your smile covered – from ear to ear!

Why purchase individual dental insurance?

Purchasing dental insurance may become necessary if your employer is not currently providing this benefit to its employees. You may also need to take dental insurance matters into your own hands if you are self-employed. Of course, 20% of the California population will opt out of health/dental coverage. This is a mistake! Without dental insurance, even minor dental work could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What can individual dental insurance cover?

Having dental insurance in place may make a world of a difference once the time comes to pay off an unexpected dental bill. Whether you need an emergency root canal or have been advised to have your wisdom teeth taken out, dental insurance may kick in to cover the hefty portion of the bill.

Here are just a few examples of what a dental insurance policy can be designed to cover:

  • Regular dental cleanings and check-ups
  • Dental examinations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Major services
  • And more…

To learn more about ALL possible options, do not hesitate to reach out to our agents directly. Our experienced staff is here to discuss whatever your concerns or questions may be. It is our ultimate goal to have all your insurance needs covered!

ISU – Armac will keep you smiling from ear to ear.

Our agents strive to keep all clients happy and protected. We want to make the insurance-buying process as simple and comfortable as possible. To ensure this, we have a free online quote form on this page. Please fill this out and one of our agents will be in touch with you very soon.