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Medical Office Insurance

Medical Office Insurance

Working as a doctor or healthcare practitioner is rewarding, but it also comes with significant risks. If you have your own practice, you need to purchase medical office insurance to protect yourself from damage and lawsuits. This type of policy, also called medical practice liability insurance, covers a wide variety of situations and can be tailored to your specific needs. Let’s have a closer look at who needs to purchase insurance and where to find a good policy.

What Is Medical Office Insurance?

Most medical professionals already have malpractice insurance in place, which protects them from lawsuits by clients who aren’t satisfied with their services. But in many cases, such a policy isn’t enough on its own. Doctors with their own offices face a number of additional risks, including data breaches, damage to their property, and employee lawsuits.

For this reason, it is advisable to take out extra insurance that can cover such events. Medical practice liability insurance is a comprehensive policy that can cover doctors and practitioners who face property damage or lawsuits due to malpractice, employee crime, and cybercrime. It is a comprehensive package that can be tailored to the medical professional’s needs.

Do I Need this Policy? 

We live in a litigious society, and it is estimated that seven out of one hundred medical professionals will deal with a claim against them at some point in their career. Additionally, doctors with their own practice face additional risks such as the loss of their property in a natural disaster or legal problems related to their employees. If they are not properly insured, they might have to pay $100,000 or more in damages.

For this reason, almost every medical professional who has their own business needs medical practice liability insurance. This includes general practitioners, dentists, optometrists, massage practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and healthcare facilities. In fact, anyone who welcomes patients on their premises and deals with sensitive information should consider taking out this type of insurance.

Where to Find the Best Insurance 

Now you understand why medical practice liability insurance is important, you might wonder where to find the best policy. When you first read up on this type of insurance and get quotes, you might be confused by the wealth of options. Which policies should you purchase? Do you really need crime insurance and cyber liability insurance or can you skip them?

An experienced insurance agency could help you sort through your quotes. They can discuss your individual situation and help you choose between the various policies. That way, you can maximize the value you get from your insurance without paying for coverage you don’t need.

Almost all doctors and healthcare workers are passionate about their job and aim to do the best they can. But mistakes happen, and some situations, such as data breaches or natural disasters, are impossible to control. For this reason, every medical professional with their own practice needs medical practice liability insurance. Get in touch with us today at ISU Armac to get your quotes and speak to our agents about what kind of insurance is best for you.