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Child Care Center Insurance

Child Care Center Insurance

Childcare center insurance is designed to cover you against accidents, injuries, and more in your childcare center. Employees and volunteers need to be covered, of course, but most importantly, the children in your care need coverage. When people are trusting you with the lives and health of their children, you can never be too cautious: and people are understandably most likely to sue when accidents happen to their children, even if there was nothing that could have been done.


Who Needs Childcare Center Insurance?

This type of insurance is perfect for anyone who has an in-home daycare, any commercial childcare center, anyone who runs a Headstart program, or anyone who runs any kind of before- or after-school program.

The most common mistake we see in the childcare industry is people assuming that their home insurance policy will cover the accidents, injuries, or damages that may happen within a home daycare situation. This is not the case. Childcare insurance is essential and offers special coverage for those who are caring for children.

What to Look For

Ask your insurance agent about the specifics for each of these important areas of coverage:

Professional Liability

It only takes a moment for an accident to happen, but if someone you employ failed to watch the children as they should, and an accident results, you could be liable.

In most cases, a robust background check and careful implementation of best practices within your childcare center are enough to protect children from abusers, but there have been situations where abusers were able to get past even thorough checks and systems. So long as you’re able to show you did due diligence at every step, your insurance policy should be able to protect you in this worst-case scenario.

Building and Contents

It’s also important to have coverage for the structure of your building and for contents that are essential to your business. The building should be protected from weather events, fire, and similar issues. You also want to ensure that any special furniture, toys, books, electronics, and more that you have purchased for your childcare facility can be replaced in the event of an accident.

Vehicle Insurance

You need special coverage for your vehicles if you transport children to and from your facility or take them anywhere for extracurricular activities.

General Liability

General liability covers any business that is visited by the public. If this is what you need to cover you in case someone slips and falls, for example. This could be a child, a visiting parent, or even a delivery person bringing you a package.

Loss of Income

If you had to temporarily close down your business, for whatever reason, would you be able to survive? Many small businesses go under when they are forced into temporary closure, and this type of insurance ensures that doesn’t happen.

Get Childcare Insurance Quote Today

If you work with children, childcare insurance is a smart move. To make sure you are covered properly, contact ISU Armac today for a quote.