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Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance

People who own aircraft, whether for personal or commercial use, need to get aviation insurance to prevent expensive issues such as property damage and lawsuits. Because aircraft insurance isn’t strictly necessary, there is a wide range of policies available, and not all of them provide the same amount of coverage. To get the best deal, speak to an insurance agent about your needs.

What Is Aviation Insurance?

Aircraft insurance covers two main components. The first and most important one is liability, which protects the owner from expensive lawsuits related to personal injuries and property damage. If you have an accident while in your aircraft and someone gets injured or their plane gets damaged, they can sue you for damages. Since airplane accidents are often serious, you might have to pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Your insurance policy will cover both the compensation and the legal fees related to the incident. The second component helps you pay for property damage so you won’t have to worry about the repairs or replacement of your own vehicle. Because planes and other aircraft are very expensive, this is important for many owners.

Additional Options

The two types of cover named above are the most common, but there are many other options. For example, you can get a policy that pays out if you cause damage to land-based property like hangars and buildings.

You might also need to get your crew covered, or you might have to get international liability if you’d like to fly your plane to a different country. Additionally, there are policies for special kinds of aircraft such as vintage planes or hovercraft. Since this type of insurance is not standardized, there is a wide variety of policies available.

Do I Need Insurance?

In most areas of the US, there is no legal requirement to have aircraft insurance if you don’t carry commercial passengers. But since many airplane owners would struggle to replace their vehicle and pay the high costs of a lawsuit, it’s still worth getting a policy. A good agent can help you figure out how much insurance you need and where to find the best policies.

How Much Will Insurance Cost?

The cost of your policy depends on the type of aircraft you have, the area you live in, and the kinds of trips you’re planning on taking. A regular policy costs around $1,200-2,000 per year, but it might be much more if you employ staff to work inside your plane or if you plan on taking commercial passengers with you.

Very expensive aircraft are more costly to insure because the potential property damage is much greater. Other factors that influence the quotes you might get include your claims history, your credit score, and your age.

Aircraft insurance is a good idea for almost anyone who has a plane or similar vehicle since it protects owners from financial hardship due to property damage or a lawsuit. Speak to us at ISU Armac to find out more about your insurance options. We can provide you with quotes and help you decide on the best policy for your individual situation.