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Individual Medical

Individual Medical

A healthy dose of traditional medical insurance is JUST what ISU – Armac ordered!

It is no secret that there are a number of health insurance plans out there. From short term to critical care coverage, the options are endless! Many times, individuals are in need of a simple medical insurance policy. This is where traditional health insurance comes into the picture.

Why purchase traditional medical coverage?

Traditional health insurance is a simple policy that will bring you peace of mind when an unexpected medical bill arises. With this type of coverage, you will make a co-payment for every doctor visit or consultation and the rest will be covered by your policy. The amount that is covered will be determined by your specific policy and/or carrier, but no matter what it may be, it is nice to know that you may not be responsible for the whole bill!

All it takes to remain covered by a traditional medical policy is to continually pay the monthly premium. If you are looking to find out more about what this policy can be designed to cover, do not hesitate to ask.

Learn more about our individual medical insurance solutions, today.

At ISU – Armac, we are able to search through 30+ carriers, in order to match you with a trusted medical insurance policy. If you are concerned about cost, we assure you not to worry. We are committed to finding you affordable deductibles and amenable co-pays – no matter what your financial situation may be! Keep in mind that health insurance will be mandatory in just a few short years. Why not protect yourself with an affordable policy now rather than wait until last minute